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Human trafficking is one of the most complex social issues of our time. Learn how to cut through the noise, access resources that empower, and engage using tangible tools. 


 About Catie

After escaping seven years of trafficking, Catie graduated from UC Berkeley, spent time with the San Francisco Police Department's Special Victim's Unit, and has worked with over 30 child welfare agencies throughout the state of California. Better understanding the perpetrator, in order to empower youth, is Catie's life passion.

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About Trafficking

Human trafficking is a term used to define both labor and sexual exploitation. There are an infinite number of stories and ways this issue presents itself today – from humans being trafficked internationally or into the United States, to victims who are born here, and are exploited through sex, labor or domestic servitude. My work focuses primarily on the sexual exploitation of minors and adults who were born in the US.

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Services Offered

Would you like to learn more about the mind & strategy of the trafficker? Are you feeling like 'stranger danger' discourse is not empowering you to understand sex trafficking in the United States? Do you want to learn how to build compassion, and better understand the experiences of those affected?

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Human trafficking is complex. From individual needs to institutional overhauls, we have our work cut out for us, and it’s going to take more than a village to start to solve these problems. Partnerships for trainings, and with government and community organizations are the very fiber of the work I do. 

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participant feedback

I read every survey filled out by trainees, in order to improve the work I do. This data helps me to know where I need to improve, or better communicate complex ideas. I am grateful for every person who has ever taken the time to give me feedback on the work I do.

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for survivors

To my fellow survivors – welcome to my page. Whether you are exploring the situation you are currently in, starting out on your healing journey, or have settled into your new life of freedom, my heart is with you. I always feel instant camaraderie with other survivors; Although our stories are all so incredibly different, you all are often my favorite people on the planet – you just get it. Over the past 11 years, I have developed a lot of coping and healing strategies. I have a dedicated page for survivors, and there may be helpful information in my blog posts as well. Thank you for visiting!

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