Here is a small sample of the tools & trainings I have developed to help people of all ages to better understand human trafficking.


CSEC 101 Training 

Learn the basics of human trafficking. 'Force, Fraud & Coercion' are the words used to define human trafficking. What do they mean in the context of sex trafficking? Learn about the psychological profile of the perpetrator, and the strategies they use to create mental captivity and execute their crimes. Gain a better understanding of sex trafficking victims, and how you can support them in growing above & beyond trauma.These are just a few of the subjects covered in this basic training.


Trainings for Youth

Talking about sex trafficking with young people can be difficult for many adults, but it is incredibly important. Many survivors, including myself have expressed that it was our lack of understanding that empowered the exploiter to take advantage of us. In these trainings, youth learn about how exploiters use isolation techniques, manipulation to make the victim doubt themselves, and shame to coerce youth to do things they usually would not do. Once a youth gains specific, tangible knowledge about how the exploiter operates, we talk about how to navigate asking for help if they ever find themselves in unhealthy situations. 


Tools for Trafficking

For those who want to continue to develop their knowledge of the issue, or for those who work with those who are affected by sex trafficking, I have developed tools to extend your knowledge base beyond the classroom.