These are just a few of the resources available I have found helpful. I believe it is important to vet all materials; the human trafficking movement is new, and there seems to be a lot of misinformation, sensationalism & perpetuation of myths in the space. If you would like to suggest additions to this list, please click here.


Trauma & Recovery, by Judith Herman

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Take Back Your Life: Recovering from Cults and Abusive Relationships, by Madeleine Landau Tobias & Janja Lalich

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Domestic Minor Sex Trafficking: Beyond Victims & Villains, by Dr. Alexandra Lutnick


I am Jane Doe

I am Jane Doe looks at the scandal surrounding, a website where people list ads for sexual services. Unfortunately, Backpage seems to do nothing to protect against ads listing children or other trafficking victims. This documentary follows parents who are working to protect children from a practice that currently seems to be legal in the United States, as Backpage claims they are protect by (the ironically named) Communications Decency Act. Watch the film on Netflix or Amazon


Documentary about a former Chicago prostitute who helps women and teenage girls break the cycle of abuse and exploitation - and lays bare hidden domestic violence. Watch on Netflix or Amazon.

Going clear

This is not a film about human trafficking. I include this film in my resources page because I have never seen a movie that speaks so clearly to what my experience was like in terms of mental captivity. The way people in this movie describe why they bought in, and why they stayed with the church resonated deeply with me. If you are interested in understanding the psychological impact a person like me has experienced, please watch. Available on Netflix and Amazon.

Catie's Talk at Sonoma State University, March 2017

Catie and two other survivors tell their stories at uc davis

Catie Hart and two other survivors tell their stories at UC Davis, in order to help educate the world about trafficking and how we can better support survivors. To watch these courageous young women tell their stories, visit: